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It’s holiday timeeee! Can you tell we are just a little bit excited at the best hair salons in Sydney?! Our team of award-winning Lane Cove and North Sydney hairdressers don’t quite understand how it feels like 2018 just flew by, yet we also feel well overdue for some fun in the sun. Whether you are heading off overseas on a grand Christmas or New Year adventure, staying in Sydney, or heading up or down the coast for some quality time with the family, this time of year inevitably involves travel for most of us, so here are our top hair tips.

First up, hopefully you have your hair under control! It’s a tricky time to get a hair appointment, so be sure to call us at our Lane Cove and North Sydney best hair salons NOW if you need to try and squeeze in a spot. This time of year is also a good reminder to make sure you are booked in nice and early before every holiday to ensure you get an appointment right before your trip, so you can make the absolute most of that fresh cut and colour. Remember – book holiday, book hair.

If you are lucky enough to have an appointment up your sleeve before you jetset off for some salt water therapy, have fun with a subtle change and go a little shorter, or book in for the best haircut and hair colour in Lane Cove and North Sydney. It’s summer – have fun with it!

‘Tis the season for parties, so it’s essential that you have at least one no fuss hairstyle that works for your hair and that you can easily create with minimal product and tools. Not sure what that is? Make sure to ask one of team to help you work one out next time you pop in.

Two words will see you through this stressful time: Travel. Size. When you are dealing with packing, obviously travel size is the way to go with any luggage space always at a premium. Plus, you are also not going to go through too much product, so don’t be lugging around full size bottles of your treasured products. Check out what your favourite brands have in the way of travel sizes, or think of the environment and get a stash of reusable bottles and ration out what you need. Product left over post getaway? They are the perfect size to pop into your handbag. Win win.

Another must have? An accessory (or 15!). There are going to be times when you just don’t have time to style your hair and that is when you need a little bit of help. A silk scarf or headband will hide a multitude of sins, a chic ribbon will dress up a simple ponytail and don’t you dare travel anywhere this summer without a broad brimmed hat to protect you from the sun!

Finally, make sure you also prep for any potential damage caused by flights, sun, saltwater and styling by ensuring you have masks and treatments at the ready. Leave in conditioner is great for the beach bag and single sachet masks are perfect for relaxing with in your downtime. Now, all you need to do is squeeze in some downtime.

Happy travels, love the team at Sloans!