Warm Up This Winter as a Redhead with Sloans Award-Winning Salons
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At the award-winning Sloans’ salons, Sydney’s best hairdressers are constantly looking for new inspiration – whether it’s on the streets of North Sydney and Lane Cove, Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds or international magazines, we love dissecting and embracing styles. Right now it’s a case of redheads unite – Red hair is well and truly IN!

When you are sick of brown, over blonde and feeling washed out with black, where do you turn? Red. Red hair is fiery, bold and exciting and everyone should have the chance to experience red hair at least once.

Selecting the right shade of red however is tricky – while most shades of blonde and brunette can work across the board, red is a more dramatic change and there are a few rules to follow when choosing yours.

The most important thing to be mindful of is skin tone. For those blessed with tanned, sun kissed skin try softer strawberry blondes to avoid looking washed out. For those with cooler tones, you are best to stick with a darker shade like mahogany – a great entry level start point that you can brighten as you get bolder.

One of the more fun trends recently has been mulled wine tones- perfect for winter, deep berry and burgundy tones work together to create a multifaceted colour and are ideal for warmer skin tones looking for a more subtle update. For the boldest change, bright cherry shades are best for those with olive and deeper skin tones – this look is the most attention getting of all and requires a shift in your whole look as it will affect your make-up and styling choices as well.

Once you take the plunge be sure to maximise your colour by selecting quality maintenance products which can be recommended by our best hairdressers in Lane Cove and best hairdressers in North Sydney. We love the Kerastase Masque Chromatique to help protect your gorgeous new shade.

To help get you inspired, check out some of the coolest redheads on Instagram while you call and book yourself in for your red overhaul with Sloans!