Top Honors For Lane Cove Legend | Best Hair Salon North Sydney
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If you happen to be passing the Sloans of Lane Cove hair salon, you may want to pop in to congratulate the New South Wales / ACT Hairdresser of the Year 2017! Yes, on Monday night none other than our very own Lane Cove hairdresser Scott Sloan received a top award at Hair Expo, one of hairdressing’s premier awards programs which puts him amongst the best of the best in Australia.

A combination of incredible hair trend-led photographic work and the outstanding contribution Scott has made to the industry, led to Scott’s victory at the exclusive event.

Award At Hairexpo Scott At Hairexpo

“It’s such an incredible honour to be recognized by my peers and rewarded with this title. My Lane Cove hair salon team and I work so hard to improve not only what we offer our customers in terms of hair cut, colour and styling services but also what we offer the industry as a whole in terms of education, motivation and inspiration, so it’s so wonderful to know that our work is so valued and appreciated,” said Scott.

The Sloans of Lane Cove hair salon is already known as one of the best salons in Sydney and in Australia, having won Salon of the Year at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards and NSW State Salon of the Year at the Australian Hair Industry Awards in 2016.

“It’s a total pinch-me moment to realise that I have been recognized by the crème de la crème of our industry as not only the best Hairdresser Sydney in Lane Cove, but the best hairdresser in New South Wales. I can’t wait to welcome more clients into the salon to experience the Sloans magic… but they’ll have to wait for me to come down from Cloud 9!”