The Sloans Edit X Met Gala - Our Favourite Picks 2021
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Met Gala – it’s THE fashion red carpet of the year and finally it was back for 2021. Boy have we have missed it! Here at the best hair salon North Sydney and best hair salon Lane Cove we have been itching for the return of red carpet glamour and thankfully it did not disappoint. With the theme of “In America- A Lexicon of Fashion”, it was an eye-catching mix of old Hollywood, 70’s curls, 20’s glamour and some other fun eras thrown in the mix.

Here the best hairdressers Sydney select our top 3 favourite looks which you can use to help inspire your next style creation here at Sloans.

Kristen Stewart

We love the fun 50’s inspired rolled fringe sported here, and also seen on Megan Fox. This look is so fresh and such a great way to play with having a fringe in an unexpected way by using your existing hair or experimenting with a clip in. The bouncy high pony completes the look.

Billie Eilish

This look was pure Marilyn Monroe and we are obsessed with how much she is owing this look and making it her own. Turns out her actual inspiration was Holiday Barbie, but either way we love this polished and curled look. It was the perfect style to show off her freshly cropped bob and got everyone’s attention.

Hailey Bieber

Probably the most understated look of the night, it still perfectly encapsulates that effortless California girl cool that Hailey does so well. This is a classic Sloans go-to with the loosely tousled waves and perfectly highlighted blonde locks which frame the face. Stick this one on your phone and watch as our team recreate it to perfection next visit.

Ready for your own red carpet as we finally get back to party season? We can’t wait to see you so soon!!