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Anyone who knows their Bible stories will recall the famous tale of Samson, whose power was in his long luscious hair and when he revealed his secret to that sneaky witch Delilah, out came the knife, off came his locks and with them, went his strength. A cautionary tale indeed – the Biblical equivalent of sleeping with someone on a first date and giving them your chip and pin! Anyway, we at Sloans of Lane Cove and Sloans of North Sydney are not here to take the moral high ground, we are here to talk about the amazing power of a hair cut.


Recently Scott Sloan from our Lane Cove hair salon and Jordan Hone from Sloans of North Sydney, have been flying the flag for the Sloans brand and for L’Oreal Professionnel in the magnificent sub-continent of India where they snapped this picture in front of the majestic Taj Mahal. It couldn’t help but remind us of the iconic picture of Princess Diana, photographed in that very same spot and we came to realise that next month marks the 20th year since the death of the princess. TWENTY YEARS! Can you believe it?

Now there was a woman who harnessed the power of the hair cut! Like an anti-Samson, in the latter years of her life, she put her cut in the hands of industry legend Sam McKnight and her true power was revealed! She went from frumpy too-young-to-look-so-old posh aristo into hot-as-hell, sexy, womanly woman in her prime with one flick of Mr McKnight’s scissors! The world sat up and took notice and Diana went from victim to player overnight.

The hair cut of power still makes its mark today. Look what happened when girl-next-door Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) went for the crop: safe to sizzling!

Emma Watson Hair TransformationImages courtesy of Pinterest 

Actress/Model Edie Campbell turned her admittedly pretty but very safe tresses into something which oozed intensity: dull to devastating!

Transformed HairImages courtesy of Pinterest and Elle France 

And most startlingly of all, the devastatingly beautiful Alexander Wang model Katie Moore transformed her pretty blonde mane into the most rad red crop you’ve ever seen. Cue contracts and offers rolling through the door!

Pretty TransformationImages courtesy of Pinterest and Elle France

So there you have it – the anti-Samson: your power could just be waiting to be unleashed! Step into Sloans of Lane Cove hair salon or North Sydney hair salon and have a chat with one of the team!