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The Ingenue

No one knows quite how she does it. She dances like no one is watching. She effortlessly captivates everyone at the party. She absentmindedly pulls together an impossibly chic look. She is sweet and innocent yet she leaves everyone utterly intrigued by what she will do next. And the whole time, she is completely unaware of her magic.

Scott Sloan presents ‘The Ingénue’, attempting to encapsulate the essence of that which cannot be put into words. The ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ of this charismatic creature and her beguiling allure as she gets ready for a night out in her pied-à-terre. She is an exercise in contradiction, pared back, relaxed and making hair and fashion choices almost as an afterthought, yet always the coolest girl in the room thanks to her inimitable Parisian style.

The collection is inspired by high fashion; luxe fabrics in a kaleidoscope of different textures and embellishments, in the vein of the recent Moschino, Gucci and Prada campaigns. Rather than a classic black and white palette, the images have been infused with a golden sepia tone to add to the richness and enable the accessories to sparkle. The skin is dewy and incandescent whilst the eyes are subtly smoky and the lips virtuously nude. She is impossible to pin down, so here Scott plays with capturing her multiple personalities within the one frame, experimenting with the concept of mirror images.

Look 1 features her blonde and brunette counterparts, each with an undone and textured finish. The side swept fringe frames the coquettish face while her blonde alias is a little more daring. Look 2 features an unexpected take on a gamine crop, with the look feathered out for exaggerated volume. Her short cropped fringe was created to look as if she created it herself on a whim. Look 3 takes a school girl plait to a more adult place, playing with ideas of shape and symmetry. Look 4 features her reflecting on her alter ego. It’s a classic pixie crop, styled as though she has come from the salon and then run her fingers through it to create a look that is uniquely her. Look 5 is almost like a decorative plumage, a fun fascinator that shows she is always the life of the party in a room of sleek blowdrys. Look 6 is a play on her mind courtesy of ingénue twins- one part of her is at the party, the other is already considering the next one. She wears her loose tumbling curls as a protective mask, keeping everyone at a distance wanting more.

Collection Credits:

Hair: Scott Sloan
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Fashion Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders