Gothic Fairytale | Hair Cut | Best Hair Dresser Lane Cove | Sloans
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Woven together, each layer strengthening and adding to the beauty of the finished piece. Tapestries are a beautiful bespoke mix of textures coming together to form one unified artwork and this collection is inspired by the Creative Team working together fluidly, without separate definition as each informs the other. This idea of texture is quite literally woven into each of the looks, exploring the effect of different finishes set against a dramatic black and white palette.

Look 1: The braid is deliberately exaggerated for scale and drama. The shape was formed by twisting and layering the texture to form an uneven rope like effect as though carried from one side of the body to the other with added weight on one side immediately catching the eye.

Look 2: Pieced textures frame the face, striking in their bluntness yet also softening with subtle wispy finishes. The cut is precise and each layer is carefully positioned for the sense of movement.

Look 3: Box braids are used to create a fabric like effect, each providing a layer of texture and formed together as one static piece. The shape is strong and defined, with a subtle ombre of shades.

Look 4: This look appears softer than air, an ethereal cloud like structure rising above the crown. The texture is formed from a woven mass of tightly wound curls, with a polished high fringe peeking out at the forehead.
Look 5: A traditional style given a distinctly modern edge, this look plays with volume and balance, The delicate hair accessories are set against the powerful finish with the sheer architecture taking control of the image.

Look 6: This tiered look is inspired by a traditional Japanese hairstyle by the name of ‘hime’ which signified that person wearing has reached womanhood. In this interpretation, the addition of texture in both shape and colour, adding addition steps, has allowed us the take the concept to a editorial level whilst still respecting the idea behind the tradition.

The styling is focused on a monochrome palette and set against a grey background reminiscent of an old painting. The idea was to carry the light and shade across the image for more depth and an Avant-Garde feel. The clothes were chosen to show the shape of the body and the silhouette with added elements of texture throughout. The make-up is clean and minimal skin and eyes, strong brows with an emphasis on a darker, more sultry lip.

Collection Credits:

Hair: Sloans Creative Team
Photography: David Mannah
Makeup: Chereine Waddell
Fashion: Josie McManus