Sloans of Lane Cove
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With Spring and Summer 18/19 brides deep in wedding planning mode, it’s time to start thinking about bridal hair styles and intensive hair prep. As Lane Cove’s and North Sydney’s best wedding hair salons for Sydney brides, we have you covered for all your bridal hair Sydney needs, no matter what your style.

Here is our essential checklist of elements to consider for your wedding hair before the big day:


Regular pampering is not a luxury for soon to be brides- it’s an essential, so invest ASAP in a quality hair treatments and make it part of your non-negotiable weekly routine. The more nourished and healthy your hair is in the lead up, the less you will need to worry come D-day.


If you are settled on long wedding hair for tumbling curls or an elaborate updo, it’s time to focus on maximising your hair length now. Invest in regular in-salon trims, as although it may seem counter productive, it’s actually the most important factor in order to keep hair strong and healthy. It’s also a good idea to add a supplement to your daily routine, preferably something with a hair friendly combo of collagen, zinc and silica. Check with your GP or chemist for more info. In-salon, we are also now offering a new service in conjunction with the new Kerastase Extensioniste range, to help you achieve strong, long hair. Ask your one of your Sydney hairdressers at Sloans for more details or call our Lane Cove Hair Salon or North Sydney hair salon.


If you are considering a big change, we suggest you do it now rather than leave it to the last minute. Remember you want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day so you may come to regret a big change so close to deadline. Drop in and talk it through with one of our bridal hair experts so that we we can help guide you. If we make the change now, we can be sure you are happy with it and can refine it with plenty of time to spare.


Have some fun and use the coming months to experiment with different wedding hair looks. A few trial runs with your stylist will ensure you perfect the bridal hair look plus it also means some fab hair for nights out! Speak to your Sydney hairdresser at Sloans to discuss options and pricing.


Keep an eye out for special additions- we love being able to add fresh flowers, vintage keepsakes and statement jewellery to create a bridal hair look that is 100% special and personal for your wonderful day.


Not your hair, but reference pics! Between Instagram and Pinterest there are limitless sources of bridal hair inspiration out there so start collating and bring them in to the salon on your next appointment so we can experiment together! Below our best Lane Cove and North Sydney hairdressers have selected a couple of their favourite recent celebrity wedding hair inspirations to get you started…