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So recently it seems like everyone worth their weight in hairspray has been all about the lob – the reinvented bob which gives a little more length and a little less of a commitment. It’s been named ‘cut of the year’ for a couple of years now but here at Sloans Lane Cove and Sloans North Sydney, your favourite Sydney hairdressers, we want to honour the return of the bob – the classic and iconic jawcut bob.

While the lob is an easy transition cut for when your hair needs more than a regular trim, there is nothing as refreshing as taking the plunge with a short sassy bob cut. The bob is actually surprisingly wearable and suited to all face shapes, considering it’s bold statement, however the cut can respond very differently depending on the texture of your hair. The most important thing here is to make sure you put yourself in expert hands as you really need the best hairdresser to provide the perfect bob for you.

The poster girl for the bob right now? If there was ever a definition of winning a breakup, let alone one with a Hollywood megastar, Jenna Dewan is it with this adorable and sexy cut. We love how she manages to work both straight and tousled looks to show how versatile this cut really is.

Sexy and Sleek:
Get out your straightener because that is the #1 tool required for this look. Ideally you will pop in a heat protectant before blow drying and setting your centre part. Work in small sections to ensure you iron out every little wave as this look leaves no room for error. Straighten the hair downwards, working from the bottom sections up to the crown sections on top. Allow to cool then brush gently. Once finished, use a lacquer spray and a toothbrush or soft bristle brush to tame any flyaways.

Tousled and Beachy:
Although it looks low maintenance, this can actually take a bit of work depending on how much natural curl you have. For curly girls you want to work your straightener from the mid points to the ends to smooth any bulk or kick out from the ends, while maximising that volume at the roots. For straighter hair work with a texturising sea salt spray and scrunch hair when damp. You can also use a straightener or curling iron to create a subtle wave in pieces around the face and the crown. You don’t need to curl it all, just a few highlighted areas to complement the beachy texture. This look works great as a side part as it adds a more casual overall look.

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