SLOANS X NICOLE TRUNFIO - How to Create Her Winning Look
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Working with A list celebs is nothing new for Scott Sloan and the Sloans Lane Cove and Sloans North Sydney hair teams, but our recent work with an Aussie supermodel has become one of our favourite experiences of all time. Stunning Nicole Trunfio is the latest celeb to get Scott’s expert glam treatment for her recent shoot down under and here we show you a little behind the scenes on how he created the beautiful looks.

Amazingly this was actually Western Australian local Nicole’s first ever hometown shoot at Australind, where she was photographed for STM Perth magazine to celebrate her involvement in this year’s Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. Scott was Hair Dresser Sydney Director for the festival so working with Nicole was a nice little way to spend a little more time with this down to earth Aussie.

It was a busy week with the shoot taking place just before the festival finale, so Scott actually took a helicopter ride to reach the amazingly remote locations, kicking the shoot off with an exciting start!

The look and feel for the shoot was very much in keeping with the landscape and rugged environment. It was important for the hair and make-up to feel glamourous but also very natural and organic. Scott’s favourite part of the look was working with Nicole’s natural curls and amplifying them for the shoot. Knowing that they would be dealing with some pretty intense elements on the day, the styling and hair needed to be able to work with the wind and overcast weather, not against it. Working with her natural curl meant that even if the hair got wet, there would be no concerns about styling products losing their effectiveness. Topped with some amazing hats, her wild curls looked beautiful flowing out from underneath.


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Photoshoot credits:
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