Summer Hair - Tips and Tricks from Sloans Hairdressers
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Summer is well and truly here and while we are still dealing with what seems like COVID roulette we are aiming to enjoy the beach and the surf and sand as much as we can. Getting outdoors is just what the doctor ordered and it’s the perfect way to get out and about whilst minimising your chances. But don’t forget that all that fun in the sun can come with a price and can wreak havoc on hair. To keep your hair in the best summer holiday condition here are a few simple tips and tricks from the best hairdressers in Lane Cove and best hairdressers in North Sydney to make sure your locks stay healthy.

We all love those salty, beachy textures but saltwater is surprisingly damaging. Even though the hair is getting wet the salt dramatically strips the hair of moisture leaving it dry and prone to breakage. Whenever you are at the beach be sure to prep hair with a leave in conditioner or treatment before you jump in the water, or even just take a bottle of water and use it to wet hair before you take the plunge.

For those who are more about the poolside life, chlorine is also a big offender! When mixed with a combination of air and the sun it can oxidise hair, which causes damage to the cuticle and proteins within the hair. Everyone has heard about those horror green hair stories! If you are swimming, always wear a cap, if you are just jumping in for fun, tie it up and be sure to rinse as soon as you hop out.

Slip slop slap is also for your hair as well as your face so that hat you are wearing is actually doing double duty. There are also now plenty of products that feature UV filters to add an added layer of protection if you are going to be out spending time in the sun so be sure to add them to your morning routine.

Our climate means dealing with extra static in the air which can cause the strands to repel each other making for plenty of unpleasant flyaways and much frizz. Make sure you are using an intensive shampoo and conditioner to ensure hair is well moisturised. For styling think products like sea salt sprays and texturisers to work with your lifestyle. Sea salt sprays are great as they give you that covetable all day at the beach look with the added benefits of moisture and hair nourishing ingredients. Finally, be sure to add an intensive weekly mask to replenish your hair adequately.

So, in 2022 stay safe in, and out of, the sun and here is to little bit more normality as the year goes on!!