Bridgerton - Why we are obsessed with their (hair) styles!
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So has anyone out there not binge watched Bridgerton yet? No? We thought not! The perfect escape from lingering COVID times, not only is an incredibly fun watch for the love story, the gossip and, of course, The Duke, but also for the hair. Here at thebest hair salons Sydney, our award-winning team has been obsessing over the intricate and decadent period hairstyling seen on screen. In a sea of sleek ponytails and tousled lobs these hair styles are, ironically, a breath of fresh air!


So turn on the soundtrack, revel in the modern anthems turned classical masterpieces and learn a little more about Bridgerton style. And perhaps next visit into Sloans Lane Cove or Sloans North Sydney you might feel inspired for a little royal touch?

We need to start with the leading lady Daphne and her now iconic ‘kiss curls’ or baby fringe as it has been called. Actually inspired in part by the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, Daphne’s looks ranged from intricate updos to loose tumbling waves. The stunning detail of the updos was what took our breath away. The perfect pin curls, twists and braids were all used to create looks worthy of a potential princess or duchess, with the regular addition of diamond and jewel encrusted as well as feather accessories sealing the deal.

Who could forget the show stopping looks of the Queen herself? Featuring some of the most fantastical wigs ever created, these looks were unashamedly over the top from the colour to the style to the size. We also love that they paid homage to her natural hair with that glorious afro which was featured.

Eloise put a fresh spin on the Bridgerton baby bangs love with her cropped fringe. This cute look is incredibly modern with that cropped and textured finish not looking out of place walking out of one of our salons on one of our gorgeous clients.

Also getting an honourable mention was Marina and the more organic and relaxed looks she featured. The beautiful use of her curls whether pushed up into a high bouffant or just casually framing her face were incredibly flattering.

And whilst not a style, we couldn’t get enough of the copper trademark of the Featherington family. Look closely and you can see that each shade has been carefully created for the individual rather than one blanket colour. And that is crucial when it comes to getting your best colour! We look at every factor when deciding on colours for clients, your skin tone, eye colour, face shape and hair type.

So feel like creating the best style possible a la the Bridgerton ladies? Come and visit the best salon Lane Cove and best salon North Sydney and let the Sloans team create a look befitting a royal!



Image credit: @phoebedynevor