Sloans Hairdressers Muse - Joey King
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Former child star Joey seems to have busted out of almost nowhere to be absolutely everywhere this month, front and centre with Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor Johnson no less! This talented actress is living out ever girl’s dream right now as she travels the world on what must be one of the best press junkets of all time. While her upcoming movie Bullet Train looks like a must see, it’s not the film that caught our attention. It’s the complete and unabashed fun she has been having with her hair at every press event.

Here at the best salon North Sydney and the best Salon Lane Cove, Sloans, we are obsessed with her chameleon efforts to excite us with her styles. Here our award winning team takes a look at just some of her most fun looks, and exactly why we love them.

Classic. The perfect way to kick off and lull us all into a false sense of hair security. Thick bangs, the ideal shoulder grazing lob length and to die for creamy honey brunette tones. This is suits everyone, go anywhere in style hair.

Sexy and sultry are two words that spring to mind! This is chic as it gets- simple centre part and smooth and sleek length. Just the smallest amount of organic texture so it doesn’t look too ‘done’.

This 90’s esque look is so on trend. The soft and wispy fringe offset by the twisted and braided updo and spiked ends. It’s very Phoebe Buffay and very fun.

Bohemian dream girl hair personified. The haphazard braids which are woven and then left with open and rough ends and the tousled soft wave are festival ready. Also love that the front has been lightened softly to highlight the contrast in texture.

And just like that- glamour and drama all rolled into one. The ombre effect of the dark through to light. The tightly woven pin curls. The soft unstructured ends. This is how you make a bold statement.

Mic drop. Where did this even come from? Looking like a futuristic princes, this pastel pink bob is a hair fantasy. The cut of the wig is the most flattering and face framing shape for her and you can see how much she is loving it.

Want to recreate them? We would love to! Bring in your fave Joey look and let’s get started!



Image credits: @joeyking & @dimitrishair