Sloans Muse: Emma Stone
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Has there been anyone who has had a more triumphant awards season than Emma Stone? She is truly the golden girl in ever sense of the word, and here at the best salon Sydney we have been obsessed with her style carpet after carpet. She is eternally rocking the best styles, the best cuts and the best colours and so we thought we should do a breakdown of the biggest awards shows so you can be inspired for your own Emma moment.

Golden Globes

Emma Stone

We love this gorgeous little flicked up bob! So many people are twisting and curling at the ear line but we love that this bucks that trends and harks back to a fun, flirty look of the past. It manages to look so clean and modern with that stunning focus on her colour.

Sag Awards

Modern, sleek and glowing sum this look up in three words. It is deceptively simple in the way the hair has been so effortlessly swept up without a hair out of place, and pulled into the perfect low, twisted chignon.


A very different look for this one with a stunning ethereal, teased out braid. The key here is so much organic texture to really give so much volume and depth to the look. There is also a very subtle side part with some soft farming of the face in the front- stunning.


Emma Oscar

The look here was about relaxed waves and had an almost tucked under feel at the back. The hair was left soft and smooth to really accentuate the colour and shine and pulled behind the ears to let her features shine.

Image credits: 1, 2 & 4 @petraflannery@mararoshak