Sloans is here for you and any DIY hair - we have you covered!
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Here at Sloans North Sydney and Sloans Lane Cove we are continuing to provide the best customer service and care for our clients. We understand how difficult it has been for people to be self-isolating and dealing with our new normal and we applaud each and every one of our community who have been doing an incredible job. Working from home, home schooling, caring for family – it’s been a lot. Not to mention our essential workers out there every day on the frontlines. We thank you!

Whilst both our Lane Cove and North Sydney salons are still open and working within very strict health and safety guidelines to ensure everyone stays well, we know that for many it has been a while between visits. And in that time you might have attempted to manage your hair woes on your own. Perhaps the addition of a fringe. Maybe a home hair dye. A simple trim. Or even some attempted highlights. We get it. No judgement here!

And the worst part? We know you might be feeling some regrets. BUT we are here to tell you that we are here for you and we have you covered. No matter the DIY situation.

Here at Sloans both our salon teams are experts at working with anything you can throw at us. First up, colour correction. Whether you have tried to lighten your brunette locks, or taken your blonde any colour of the rainbow, we are masters at bringing your colour back in line. We know all the tricks of the trade and use only the most professional products which nourish and protect your hair whilst we work our magic.

Secondly, the cut. Every visit we are able to analyse your hair and work out what will work best with your lifestyle, face shape and hair texture- regardless of where you are at when you walk in the door. We can also assist with the best products to keep your hair strong and healthy to promote the fastest possible growth if you are looking to get it back to it’s former glory.

Other than that we say now is the tine to have fun with styling! If you are in isolation, there has never been a better time to work on finessing those perfect straightener waves or tousled curls. We are also still offering our home delivery service for all your hair product needs so no one needs to miss out on feeling and looking their best.

If you are ready to come back, please rest assured we will take expert care of you and your health and well-being is our absolute priority, We have bookings available with your favourite members of our team, so please give us a call and let’s chat about your next booking.

See you soon.