Sloans Latest Hair Idol - the one and only Billie Eilish
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Live music performances! A red carpet! Designer fashion! And…. hair styles. We have already celebrated the return of the distant red carpet event a couple of blogs back but this felt more real. Tuning in as Beyonce applauded Taylor and Billie watched Harry perform it was a celebration of glam and boy did we love it. Here at the best salon North Sydney and best salon Lane Cove, we were obsessed with all the images but, following the event, we were hit with one of the industry’s biggest hair transformations. We loved Dua’s centre part, Cardi B’s bubblegum-pink bob wig, Lizzo’s silver glitter and Doja’s fringe but we are here to talk about the change that almost broke Instagram.

Billie Eilish has been known for her trademark hair style and colour for years now. It has seen her through her meteoric rise and become part of her persona. We have loved her acid wash roots offset against her black lengths because it was fun and bold and showed she wasn’t afraid to do her own thing. She encouraged others to take chances and allowed us to get a little more creative in the salon and with our colour work! But, all things must come to an end and it turned out Billie had been hiding something from us all. Because just after her triumph at the Grammy’s, she quietly released this into the world….


And promptly racked up the most liked post in 24 hours. Because look at it! Such a departure from her past looks and such a mind boggling result in seemingly literal days. But, as any good Sloans client will know, this kind of change doesn’t happen overnight. Turns out Billie had ben hiding her new look under customised wigs to match her old style for weeks, all so her colourist could work their magic.

As with all intense dark to blonde transformations this took a slow and careful 6 week process to maintain the hair health and carefully remove that existing colour. And now? She is rocking out an incredible platinum blonde style with plenty of choppy rockstar layers and that shaggy curtain fringe. It brightens up her whole face yet still gives her that edge that she loves. Safe to say we cannot wait to create some more platinums in the salons so we expect to be hearing from you soon if you are up for the change!



Image credit: @billieeilish