Sloans Get The Look - How to Recreate 'That' JLo Hair
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Did you see it? JLo, strutting the stage at the Superbowl. How could you miss it? Amongst the cries of “Is she really 50?!” were the resounding cries of obsession with her hair. Truly, those locks almost managed to steal the show! And that was no mean feat. The movement. The curls. The volume. It was absolute hair perfection. Now while you might not be performing at an international sports event anytime soon, we do know how many of you love this style, so here our award-winning hairdresser Sydney at the best salon North Sydney and best salon Lane Cove, break down how to recreate this look at home. Grab your tools and products and give it a try!

First up, let’s just talk about that volume. JLo’s hair is obviously incredible – thick and luscious. Now not all of us are blessed with that much hair, and quite frankly, probably neither was the lady herself! If you are dreaming about thicker hair to be able to achieve this kind of effect, be sure to ask us about our our Showpony and Great Lengths extensions at Sloans of North Sydney. There are so many options to give you the most natural wow factor.

The key to this look is all in the curling of the hair, so feel free to have a play before trying the look out if you are not confident with your styling tools.

First up, apply and brush through TECNI.ART Liss Control Smoothing Cream in towel dried hair to help keep it smooth and frizz free and for 24 hour anti-humidity protection.  Then, blow dry smooth, adding volume at the crown by flipping hair over and working in sections.

Next, you want to curl the hair with a one-inch small iron to get a really strong foundation. This step isn’t essential but if you want the maximum impact, this is going to help your hair hold the curl. Curl in sections working from the bottom up and from the front of the face towards the back, curling away from the face.

Then, go back in with a larger two-inch curling iron and recurl. This time, clip or pin each curl up onto the head to help hold in place. Once finished, blast the whole head with cool air from the blowdryer to help set, and add a light spritz of L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium Hair Spray.

Finally, release the curls and gently brush through – overbrushing will create frizz so be sure to keep it simple.

Voila! JLo approved curls. Not sure you can achieve this one at home? Give the best hairdressers Lane Cove and best hairdressers North Sydney at Sloans a call instead and watch as we create magic for you in the salon.