Zoe Kravitz is Sloans ultimate hair muse and style chameleon
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When it comes to the most incredible hair muse, there is one woman who stands above pretty much everyone right now. About to appear on screen as the iconic Catwoman, here at Sloans it is safe to say we are obsessed with the stunning Zoe Kravitz. With a genetic make-up which consists of 90’s dream girl Lisa Bonet and music heartthrob Lenny Kravit it is no surprise that Zoe is drop dead gorgeous. But we love her for her down to earth attitude, impressive acting skills and that indescribable sense of cool that she radiates.

And that is before we even talk about that hair! Is there a bigger style chameleon? Over the past few years she has sported more looks than we can count and she manages to make every single one of them her own. She is a veritable mood board of ideal hair looks and she is yet to fail to pull off any of them. Here, the award winning best hairdressers Sloans North Sydney and Sloans Lane Cove break down just a few of her hair highlights to help get you inspired for your very own Zoe-esque style.


Obviously Zoe has an incredible African American natural hair texture which informs every cut, colour and styling choice she makes. Here she has worked with that natural texture to create a sexy tousled beachy wave. We are going to guess there are some extensions in there to help add that length and thickness and it just shows how effective they can be when used with expertise.


There is no hiding with this style! Zoe isn’t afraid to let her features shine but the beautiful shade and shine of her hair ensures that this look has maximum hair impact. Pulled back in a low chignon this is the ultimate in hair sophistication.


Showing off the look she is sporting as Catwoman in her new role, this is pretty much a textbook lob. Cropped neatly at the shoulders for maximum movement it is an ultra-flattering style. We also love how they have used a side swept finish to add a softness to the geometric style.


I mean, we have no words for this perfection! This is Zoe embracing braid culture and making it her own in the most stunning and empowering way at the Met Gala. Bravo.


The style that most of us think of when we think Zoe- her pixie crop. Never has this style looked so edgy yet natural. Her features are obviously a huge factor in pulling off this look, but we love how bold she is to embrace her hair in this way.



Images credits: @zoeisabellakravitz @nikkinelms