Sloans does 60's - Style at any age
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At the best salon North Sydney and the best salon Lane Cove, the Sloans teams are dedicated to creating the most incredible hair for clients of EVERY age, including their 60’s.

From first haircuts and prom styles right through to working magic with grey, we are the salons for everyone and we adore our diverse client list. Recently we had the honour of creating Julie Bishop’s look and we were wowed by the incredible reaction to her ‘revenge hair’!

Now our award-winning stylists have a few tips and tricks for women of this age on how we can make you look your most fabulous best and keep an eye out as we delve into every decade with more ideas.

  • Going with a shorter crop to frame the face while still keeping it feminine by keeping the edges soft is a great way to ease into shorter hair if doing it for the first time. You don’t want harsh edges, so keep it nice and organic.
  • There are absolutely no rules that say you can’t go long but shorter hair can be more flattering as longer hair can pull the face down while a shorter cut can lift.
  • If you would like to stay long, focus on nourishing products as more mature hair will tend towards grey which can become frizzy and hard to manage.
  • For those wanting to move away from grey, we would suggest avoiding highlights and creating an overall colour, working with a warmer, brighter blonde rather than an ash blonde. A warmer shade not only helps to counteract any grey, but it also adds warmth back into the complexion as skin changes.
  • Long or short, it’s important to focus on the face shape to bring out the most flattering features by drawing the eyes to make those areas a focal point of any finished cut.

Overall while there are certainly some guidelines, we also aren’t slaves to any rules and the more fun you want to have the better!

Who says you can’t rock out a punk crop or bright colour in your 60’s?! No one! So let’s throw caution to the wind and have fun.

Image credits: @michelleyeoh_official @jamieleecurtis @michellepfiefferofficial