Sloans does 40's!
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At the best salon North Sydney and the best salon Lane Cove, the Sloans teams are dedicated to creating the most incredible hair for clients of EVERY age, including their 40’s.

We are your go-to salons whether you are embracing with your very first grey right or delving into a huge transformation and we are so proud of our diverse client list. Our award-winning stylists have a few tips and tricks for women of this age on how we can make you look your most fabulous and keep an eye out as we delve into every decade with more ideas.

40 is the new 20 and we are here for it! There really are no rules or restrictions so at this age you should be having as much fun as possible and exploring all those colours and looks you have always wanted to try.

It’s normally around this time when clients truly embrace the confidence to be themselves and you might find that those curls you have been straightening or the straight hair you have been curling takes centre stage. Greys may also be making their appearance, so you can look at tints and foils to help camouflage, as well as  soften the overall look rather than a harsher block colour.

In the salon we create a lot of lobs (long bob) as they can’t be beaten- it’s a flattering, no fuss look which be incredibly sexy and youthful when styled with plenty of messy texture to help thicken hair. It’s the key time for clients to review their cut and check that it is flattering for their face shape.

Emily Blunt

Natalie Portman

Image credits: @laini_reeves @miwookim