Sloans does 20's
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At the best salon North Sydney and the best salon Lane Cove, the Sloans teams are dedicated to creating the most incredible hair for clients of EVERY age, including their 20’s.

From first haircuts and school formal styles right through to working magic with grey, we are the salons for everyone and we adore our diverse client list. Now, our award-winning stylists have a few tips and tricks for women of this age on how we can make you look your fabulous best every day.

Your 20’s is your time to have fun and experiment! A consultation can vary hugely from visit to visit. One appointment we might be talking about a fun cut, the next a big colour change.

There are generally two approaches for this age- all out experimentation or low maintenance, undone hair a la Hailey Bieber. For the adventurous, you can play with anything from a bright colour to a buzz cut and everything in between- basically all rules are off. Heavily dominated by the latest trends, this is your chance to try it all and see what feels good and what doesn’t.

In the salon we see are seeing plenty of feminine wolf shag cuts, dramatic crops and festival ready braids or in the style of Zendaya- volume, volume, volume. For colour, bright copper shades are very popular along with plenty of dramatic platinum looks. For those keeping it simple, it is all about shine, adding a colour gloss to highlight the natural shade and keeping the style straight and long.




Image credits: @haileybieber @hairbyadir @lovetaije