Sloans 5 Minute Fixes - Look Amazing in Less Time!
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We know that the Sloans woman is busy! Busy with work, busy being a mum, an amazing friend, a kick ass sister and the best daughter. It’s a lot to cram in. But here at the best hair salon Lane Cove and North Sydney, we are here to make our beloved client’s lives as easy as possible. As home of the ABIA National Salon of the Year we know a thing or two about fabulous hair and so we rallied the team to give some of our best tips for 5 minute hair fixes to get you out the door as quickly as you can, looking as amazing as your deserve.

Dry shampoo is a busy girls best friend. Most people swear by this magical product, but if you are one of those who has somehow resisted this marvel, it’s time to give it a try. Dry shampoo is perfect for those in between days when you aren’t ready to wash but are starting to feel a little oily. A quick spritz not only mops up any oil but it also helps add a little body and lift to lank roots. Spray at the roots, allow to dry and then brush through for a quick refresh.

The ponytail is beloved for a reason – every single runway season will feature a new take on this all in one wonder and it never gets old. There is nothing simpler than pulling your hair back off your face and not having to worry about it for the rest of the day so this style is the ultimate 5 minute fix. The trick is to make it your own. Heading out? Keep it super sleek and add a fun pearl clip or barrette. Need something a little more casual? A quick spritz of a volumising spray, a blast from the hair dryer and pull up loosely, leaving a few pieces loose to frame the face.

While you probably wouldn’t think ‘curls’ and ‘5 minute hair’ go together, we are here to tell you they can! Best for girls with lob and shorter length hair, the key here is to focus just at the front of the face. You want to create some natural movement around the face and then allow your natural hair texture behind it. A few quick twists with a curling iron or straightening tongs, brush out with fingers and work in with the hair behind. You should be left with just a slight wave to flatter the face.

Of course the most important part of being able to create a great 5 minute fix is having a great base to start with- be sure to stay up to date with your appointments and have your cut and colour refreshed with the team at the best salons in Sydney!