Gothic Fairytale | Hair Cut | Best Hair Dresser Lane Cove | Sloans
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REVERIE def. to be pleasantly lost in a daydream

So much of what I do comes from the people who formed me and raised me. When I was a kid at home in Wagga Wagga, dreaming of the big lights of the city, my nan Noeline Ann told me to “DREAM BIG”. So I did. And I still do all day long.

At every shoot we are creating images that exist only in our minds and we are the architects of every shot. I love the feel of behind the scenes of a shoot, there is a magic you don’t get to capture in the final image and this shoot has that feel. The primping and preening and finessing that are normally hidden are seen here as the models are literally held in place. The shapes and the lines are captured by my hand as a moment in time. 

This collection feels like a merging of past and future. I was inspired by the glossy looks of the 60s and my glamourous nan getting ready for a night out, fine-tuned with a very modern aesthetic. The hair is heightened in every shot. 

The pixie cut defies gravity.

The Farrah Fawcett flicks are exaggerated at the forehead. 

The sculptural tower is a cascading tumble of pretty bows. 

The beehive is reimagined with an emphasis on texture. 

The space buns appear as though spinning.

The quiff is of the era but with a fresh take.

Collection Credits:

Hair: Anne Russell

Photography: David Mannah

Fashion: Josie McManus

Makeup: Chereine Waddell