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Perfect Party Hair Sloans


Sadly ‘cash rich/time poor’ or actually just ‘time poor’ is an expression a little bit too close to most of our hearts these days. Between working, shopping, cooking, school drop offs and pick-ups, after school and weekend activities and all the rest of it, there’s often not much left in the tank for you, right?

The party season is knocking at our doors, but for most of us over a certain age, the days of having all morning or even all day to get ready for an event, are long gone. So how can you reconcile wanting to get your hair ‘did’ for the races / a Christmas party / a wedding / date night with the realities of life as a busy modern woman?

Well of course we at Sloans of Lane Cove hair salon and Sloans of North Sydneyhair salon, we have the answer with our new holiday-season in-and-out-service.

So how does it work?

Simple! You arrive at Sloans with pre-washed hair and one of our award-winning team will create the perfect party look for you. Whether you’re after an updo, a braid, a classically smooth blow dry, or a supermodel glamorous wave, you name it and our Sloans team can do it – all within a guaranteed time frame of just 45 minutes.

So whether you receive a last minute invite or you have a wedding you’ve been looking forward to for a year, but you’re just back-to-back with meetings, PT sessions, kids’ swimming lessons or ballet recitals, Sloans can save your day and you can be the belle of the ball. No mess, no fuss, no frills, just knockout hair!


Book your look now from just $60 for 45 minutes – we look forward to seeing you and creating your party-worthy locks very soon.