Overture | Best Hair Cut Sydney | Award Winning Hairdresser Sloans
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It was in the movement of life, the stirring of the world around us, that Jordan Hone found the inspiration for this collection. The way a symphony of individuals becomes one entity, and for each note they create, the movement and feeling lasts only an instant and then is gone forever. It is the essence of these beautiful fleeting moments that this collection aims to capture.

With movement comes texture, and this collection pushes Jordan into a new phase of experimentation. Known for polished editorial work, full of clean lines, minimalism and feminine glamour, Jordan was excited to move into a darker place with this collection, inspired in part by the Chanel F/W 14/15 show. Chanel’s use of varying textures across crimping, braiding and natural hair finishes subtly inspired the intricate melding of textures throughout this collection. However, instead of the use of tribal bursts of colour as seen on the catwalk, Jordan worked in black and white to highlight distinct and measured contrasts within each image and to ensure minimal distraction from this study in movement.

Image 1 features a deconstructed Mohawk, created with the freedom to move and evolve. Images 2 and 4 experiment with shapes created through braiding and weaving, working with levels of layering the technique as well as the change of textures as the hair is released from the braid. Image 3 is an exercise in abandon. Hair is crimped and then worked to form a unique, non-restrictive shape. Image 5 shows the flow from the polished, controlled and sleek, juxtaposed with texture. Image 6 works with texture created through cut, working with jagged edges to blur the finish.

Collection Credits:

Hair and Styling by Jordan Hone
Photography by David Mannah
Styling by Lydia-Jane Saunders
Make Up by Casey Gore