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Definition: The youth driving the movement which is influencing change through inclusivity and encouraging individuality and diversity. The modern rebellion.

The significance of the youth movement towards empowerment of individuality and fighting for what is important is undeniable in the current climate. The age of following trends and trying to blend in is OVER.

This collection is a representation of who I am. Christopher Byrne. Not just the fashion obsessed hairstylist but a human being. It’s a celebration of everything I have been through and losing the fear of hearing my voice. I now use it confidently in an industry that has opened my mind and changed my life. Inspired by my chosen family- colleagues, idols and those who have impacted me, MISSFits is an homage to them.

The hair obviously owes a debt of gratitude to the original style rebels of the punk generation. Those who wanted to shock. Those who were brave enough to experiment. Each look lives up these expectations, challenging the conventions of style. Proportions are exaggerated with extreme height, moulded forms and a gritty take on the iconic mohawk. The classic mullet style is reimagined through the use of sectioning and additional textures. A tight bob is given a layered finish and jarring new direction. Shine contrasts with raw ends and organic finishes.

The bright colour pop of styling plays into the fun of neon punk with a sharper edge. Citrus hues dominate, with clashing of prints and textures to add high contrast. Denim. Leather. PVC. Snakeskin. All in the mix. Clean, raw skin free of embellishment other than a statement making graphic eye finishes the look.

Collection Credits

Hair: Christopher Byrne
Photography: Jarred Stedman
Makeup: Chereine Waddell
Fashion: Christopher Byrne & Isabella Holder