Manhattan | Best Hair Dresser & Specialist Lane Cove | Haircut Sydney
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As the sun rises over the Hudson Hotel, a cool air lingers. Effortlessly they lounge, unassumingly confident, unusually striking, personally unidentifiable beyond their gentlemanly exterior.

Exploring the millennial trend of ‘gender neutral’, Scott Sloan presents a striking collection of handsome women, exquisitely styled and classically shot. Via the juxtaposition of perfectly groomed hair designs with classically tailored menswear pieces, the collection reveals a softer version of androgyny with a tangible nod to the unconventional beauty of Andrej Pejic.

Shot in ambient black and white, with alternate mid, long and profile compositions, varying levels of light and shade accentuate the prominent focus on strong hair shape formations and contrasting textures. Whilst commercially accessible, the collection also contains elements of editorial up styling.

Collection Credits:

Hair by Scott Sloan
Photography by Nelson Lai
Styling by Mikey Ayoubi
Make-up by Becca Gilmartin