Luscious Locks In Your Lunchbreak | Haircut & style North Sydney
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Luscious Locks

It’s been a long day at work, and it’s only midday.

You’re walking to grab the same old sandwich at the same old cafe when you catch sight of yourself in the foyer mirror…

EEEK… Neglected roots. Washed out colour. Messy ends…

You realise it’s about time you pampered your locks and gave them the TLC they deserve.

The Sloans Express Colour, Cut and Style Service takes cares of all of this in an amazingly speedy 90 minutes, making it easy to squeeze into the middle of your workday. This popular package promises a colour, cut and style that will see you heading back into the office looking and feeling your glamorous self again pretty much in the time it takes to grab a salad, drink and a latte and check in on the latest social media happenings.
Call Sloans of North Sydney now on 02 99550077 to make your Express appointment, or try booking online.


Please note, our Express Colour Service is available at our Sloans of North Sydney hairdressing salon only, Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on selected colour services (Semi, Tint and 1/2 Head Foils). Express Colour Service is not available for Full Head Foils or Balayage.