L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2020 here we come!
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The L’Oreal Colour Trophy is one of the world’s most prestigious hair competitions and is renowned as a melting pot of creativity for hairdressers around the globe. You would have seen us talk about this competition a while back as we had so much success in 2019! Last year we had an impressive 6 members of the Sloans team recognised for their creative colours, cuts and fashion styling, with Isobel Allan, Idy Duong, Brittany Cristaudo and Christopher Byrne as NSW Semi-Finalists. Plus over very own Ruby Smillie and Scott Sloans were then named L’Oreal Colour Trophy National Finalist and Rising Star National Finalist (respectively).

But now it’s all about 2020! We were pretty sure we were some of the best hairdressers in Lane Cove and best hairdressers in North Sydney, not to mention pretty dab hands at hair colour, but it’s nice to have one of the biggest brands in the world confirm it yet again.

This year we have four entries in the running for Colour Trophy by the following amazing stylists;

  • Cristiano Dimitrovski and Jordan Hone
  • Brittany Cristaudo
  • Christopher Byrne
  • Jordan Hone and Scott Sloan


And then we have two entries in the running for Rising Star:

  • Ruby Smillie
  • Meghan King


We wish we could show you their amazing work but the pics are under wraps until the state finals in February 2020!

The competition was created to celebrate professional hair, colour and fashion and to reveal creative talents. This year’s mission was to invent the new cut, colour and style trend of 2020- a challenge that Sloans of Lane Cove and Sloans of North Sydney took to with their renowned skill and gusto. We pride ourselves on providing the very best haircuts, very best colours and very best styles in our two locations, making sure you can rest assured that you are visiting the best hair salons near you.