Gothic Fairytale | Hair Cut | Best Hair Dresser Lane Cove | Sloans
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Washes of colour.

Dreamy seascapes.

Vintage tintype photos.

Ethereal otherworldly creatures.

Shimmering lights.

This collection was inspired heavily by the unbelievable photography of Paolo Reversi and his unique style. The way the images balance the very old with the very new and especially the magical way that shadow and light can be used to transform an image. There is a haunting quality sitting somewhere between being in a beautiful dream and catching glimpses of being trapped in a nightmare. 

There are so many filters now, and they are often overused, but I feel like Paolo was such a visionary with his essence of viewing an image behind a kaleidoscope of always changing colour. As if the image is glistening and moving in front of your eyes.

For this collection I wanted to focus on my colour work, with some graphic colour elements added alongside dramatic black hi-shine tones. There is plenty of texture- rope like braids, soft scissored edges and fanned out layers. 

Collection Credits:

Hair: Meghan King

Photography: David Mannah

Fashion: Josie McManus

Makeup: Chereine Waddell