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As the internet breaks down boundaries and borders, our world continues to grow smaller, and with the Sydney siege and Charlie Hedbo attacks still raw in our memory, that world is increasingly unstable. With increased exposure to the beliefs of so many diverse cultures and religions, freedom of expression has never been a more volatile subject. Can we truly achieve “a brotherhood of man – all the people sharing all the world” at the same time as embracing individuality?

‘Imagine’ is a response to these changing times, a thought provoking piece that challenges our ideas around respecting cultural norms and makes us question the concept of equality. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but in this instance, it is the camera that provides the powerful message.

This collection is an inspired departure for Jordan, renowned for his glamourous styling and subtle editorial nuance. The first thing that strikes the viewer is the icy, platinum blonde colour work, appealing in it’s beautiful synchronicity and further enhanced by the moody black and white palette. But on further inspection, the shade becomes synonymous with something more sinister- an almost Aryan selection, a carefully curated version of equality. John Lennon’s iconic lyrics play in the background as the viewer begins to question their response to this uniformity and their comfort within this homogenised reality.

Look 1 features an ironic take on love and freedom, with heart-shaped wings placed strategically over the crown, finished in a highly distressed and textured technique. Look 2 has a military feel and androgynous edge, inspired by the precision and monotony of the appearance of those in war. Look 3 involved an intricate hair mask over a precise blunt bob, hiding the model’s features and challenging her to break free from oppression. Look 4 features both sides cut to a V section at the back, then clean shaven to contrast with exaggerated length and textured crop. This dichotomy of hair length against the rawness of exposed skin is carried throughout the collection. Look 5 has a deceptively soft and delicate finish, with the hair fanned over the model’s head to symbolise a flag of peace, which is no longer flying. Look 6 sees the sides and back clean-shaven with a cut throat blade in a look inspired by diversity within the individual.

Clothing and accessories were completely stripped back, with Jordan focused on working with a modern take on the ancient art of calligraphy as body art. Faces were kept simple so as not to overshadow the evocative and powerful words and to ensure a powerful emotional connection. The highlight and contouring of the face, juxtaposed against stark bleached brows, leaves each unsettling expression as a haunting image.

Collection Credits:

Hair & Fashion Styling: Jordan Hone
Photographer: David Mannah
Make-up Artist: Cat Smith