Howdy Copper Girls - The New Hair Trent
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Copper hair has been having more than just a moment recently and we love that it is, once again right at the forefront!

So, what exactly is the ‘copper cowgirl’ trend all about?!

Plastered all over social media, it’s actually inspired by the super rich, caramel hues of Western leather which lends itself perfectly to gorgeous hair tones. Contrary to what you may think, copper is actually one of the most flattering hair colours and can suit most skin tones making it perfect for a wide variety of looks and personalities.

All of these ladies have been rocking their fresh russet tones.

Here at the best salons in Sydney, Sloans of Lane Cove and Sloans North Sydney, our amazing and award-winning teams are colour experts. We are dedicated to extensive and ongoing training to ensure that we are the absolute best  at creating the perfect red shade for every skin tone, hair texture and lifestyle.

This is the ideal way to try something different and something adventurous by playing around with lightening as we head towards summer. It is a great way for brunettes to switch up their shade as the sunlight will also pick up the subtle, lighter tones in your hair without committing to a full-on bleaching process.

The key with the best copper hair is to maximise shine so it doesn’t end up looking dull and faded so you want to work with colour-protecting products that will bring it to life and we recommend the Kerastase Chroma Absolu range to maximise your shade for as long as possible.

Em Rata

Nicola Coughlan

Megan Fox

Natalia Dyer