Hello there 2023!
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Happiest New Year from the teams at Lane Cove and North Sydney’s best hair salons! 2022 was such an amazing year but we are all about looking forward and being back into the salon to see all of our beautiful clients. We missed you all!

Every time a new year rolls round we ask the question- is it time for a change? Here our award-winning hairdressers, we run through a few things to consider.


Life is too short to not have fun with colour! Never been blonde? Time to find out if they have more fun. Never been brunette? Time to take a walk on the darker side. Never been a rainbow unicorn? Time to throw caution to the wind! Well maybe not for everyone, but when it comes to the best hair colour Sydney, Sloans have you covered.

For blondes looking for a change, we can go a deep, rich chocolate shade to make blue and green eyes pop, and we love trying out a red. From vibrant gingers through to warming wine tones, there is so much fun to be had with becoming a redhead and it is surprisingly adaptable to different skin tones.

For brunettes looking to go blonde, the rise of balayage and new hair colour formulas mean that the damaged and broken hair of the past is well and truly gone. In their place are the most natural sun kissed options to either ease into it, or metallic icy tones for those who want to jump straight in.

For any colour or cut change, we recommend coming in with some reference pics and having a full consultation. While playing around with colours and cuts should be fun and adventurous, there are still some things to keep in mind, namely face shape, skin tone, upkeep and hair condition.


Let’s face it- for versatility long hair wins hands down. Sleek and straight. Soft waves. Elaborate up-dos. Intricate braids. Sure, there is a little more upkeep, but it’s not something that everyone gets the chance to experience, so if you are able to grow it, why wouldn’t you? Even growing it out doesn’t need to be essential thanks to the amazing extensions now available.

But, let’s not forget- short hair is in a world of its own. With a perfectly cut bob, shag or pixie, short hair is downright sexy. It’s just so much more relaxed. No battling knotted tendrils into submission, no desperate last-ditch ponytails or headwear to get out the door. Spritz some texturising spray, give a quick scrunch and you are pretty much good to go.

No matter what your hair goals are for 2023, the Sloans team are here for you to make them come true! See you soon xx


Image credit: @moetchandon