Gothic Fairytale | Hair Cut | Best Hair Dresser Lane Cove | Sloans
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Inspired by modern photography and the undercurrents of moody film noir this collection brings to life the dramatic interplay of shadow and contrast. Chiaroscuro is from the Italian ‘chiaro’ which means light and ‘scuro’ which means dark and captures that magic that appears within the world of monochrome. The subtle ways that those shades between the light and dark are actually a kaleidoscope of possibility.

Look 1  is inspired by the ultimate in indulgent hair, the Pouf. I wanted to take this iconic French look and transform it with a very modern take, focusing on the perfectly domed structure but adding a mullet effect in the back.

Look 2  is my big hair moment. Indulgent length, curled out with relaxed waves and captured in mid-flight. I love the brightness of the colour shade and the subtle nod to the 70’s texture.

Look 3 is all about precision and cut, working to create strong shapes using just the power of the scissors. The sleek back is contrasted with more subtle texture in the front and the height is exaggerated to maximise the shape.

Look 4  is created to contrast with Look 1 and take that refined finish in a different direction. The hair is worked heavily with braiding, crimping and teasing to give a highly textured finish. Colour was used to add depth and dimension to the finished shape.

Look 5 is my take on the ubiquitous bubble braid trend. Rather than the simple single strand I wanted to play with different volumes to help create additional shadow playing across each of the shapes and add extra movement though the ends.

Look 6 is a little more rock and roll with that ultra-choppy texture and movement. It’s an edgier take on the generic lob with cascading levels for interest and a focus on bespoke cuts.

All of the styling was based around black shapes and silhouettes in different textures. The use of leather and latex added high shine, which was then contrasted against silkier fabrics with a fluid feel. Tulle frames the face and adds another layer to the hair, a thick ruffle provides softness to geometric finishes. The make-up references were easily defined. Sexy, smudged eyes to add to the shadowing for impact and minimal, clean skin. The lips were nude to allow the eyes to take centre stage and provide a moody and alluring focal point.
Collection Credits:

Hair: Jordan Hone
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Makeup: Chereine Waddell
Fashion: Josie McManus