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A pure and unadulterated exploration of shape and form, “Catharsis” is a celebration of the transformative power of hairdressing. Like a kid let loose in a candy store, or salon as it were, Scott lets the darkest recesses of his imagination run wild as he frees himself from the confines of collections past. Cast with a distinct undertone of moody energy, there is an awakening and sense of abandon in these looks.

The role of texture in the creation of structure is the driving force behind each look, with Scott experimenting with the layering and contrast of differing textures within each image. Each look represents its own dark and distinct identity, yet each has emerged from the same source, subtly infusing the next. Styling plays perfectly into the brief of contrasting mediums, interesting lines and architectural shapes, continuing to play with the light and shadow. Eyes are heavily lined and hint at the tragedy within.

Reminiscent of Elvis’s iconic rockabilly quiff, Look 1 uses the shadow of a curl to create seemingly endless depth with a distinctly masculine edge softened by the finish.

Look 2 is a lesson in delicate frailty, with intricately formed butterfly inspired motifs appearing too fragile to touch while the face is protected by an untamed curtain of concealment.

Defying gravity with its painted ends and moulded shaping, Look 3 provides a powerful visceral sensation. The thickness of the finish is immediately evident, contrasting against the organic base.

Look 4 casts the eye to the future with this metallic headpiece. Inspired by confusion around our digital selves, this cautionary take on self is stunning beautiful with only the illusion of movement.

Look 5 takes a more precise approach, with the classic, relaxed mullet shape given a defined split section bob. The lines are clean and precise yet the worked in texture creates movement.

A nod to 70’s glamour with an edgier finish, Look 6 features a defined curl offset against an intensely worked crimped section, creating the feel of a tragic fallen beauty, confused by her dichotomy.

Collection Credits:

Hair – Scott Sloan

Photography – Andrew O’Toole

Makeup – Chereine Waddell

Fashion – Jana Bartolo