Belgrave Social -
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Belgrave Social

Belgrave Social

Tucked away on upscale Elizabeth Street sits the pretty as an English picture Peggy Porschen’s Parlour. This pastel confection of a café looks more like an illustration than a restaurant, with the whimsical cakes and pastries the go-to delicacies of the Belgravia set. Drenched in seasonal bursts of colour and cascading waterfalls of florals, the setting is femininity brought to life. Friday mornings see the ladies who lunch envelop the corner with their designer ensembles and expensive tastes.

Old money. Classic style. Refined elegance. Hidden desires.

The collection takes the most stereotypically feminine styles and adds a distinctly modern accent to challenge the exaggerated prettiness. The waved lob is given the edge of precision. A sleek bob is transformed with organic texture. Voluminous blowouts are accented with sleek sides. The beehive bun is worked into an unexpected shape to create an extravagant faux fringe. Seamless wave movement contouring the body is contained by a tightly tied scarf. A rockabilly quiff offsets glossy flicks. They are unabashedly beautiful, yet all masking hidden secrets within.

The make-up look was inspired by a fresh take on 60’s icons, namely Bridget Bardot’s coquettish style. Eyes are heavily winged, skin is luminous and lips are a classically alluring shade of red. Styling was created to create a monochromatic pink scenario, allowing the floral highlights to add to the pastel spectrum. This blush palette feeds into the overwhelmingly feminine context which causes you to look deeper to find the darker undertones.

Collection Credits:

Hair: Brittany Cristaudo

Photography: Jarred Stedman

Makeup: Chereine Waddell

Fashion: Lydia-Jane Saunders