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When you start to feel the slight chill in the air, it’s time to realise that summer is slipping away. They say change is as good as a holiday, so here at Sloans we suggest giving it try by lightening up with the looks from our calendar of autumn blondes. Whether you choose just one look or evolve your colour over the coming months, the team at Sloans can guide you through your blonde journey.

March: Your tan is lingering so it’s time to dip in slowly with a soft caramel toned blonde


Hair by Kate @ Sloans | Photography by Milos Mlynarik

The highlights are expertly woven throughout for an ultra natural finish and the cut is kept longer to retain the summer vibe and help you, gently, say goodbye. The look is buttery and luxurious and the perfect transitional hue to prepare for the new season.
April: Get a little more daring and reflect the temperature drop with an icier blonde


Hair by Idy @ Sloans | Photography by Milos Mlynarik

There is still a soft blend at the roots to balance the contrast here, but the statement is made with the overall colour shift. The shorter length makes more of a statement plus it’s perfect to tease out over scarves, or tuck behind the ears under a beanie.
May: The cold is starting to set in so it’s time to mix it up and do something unexpected


Hair by Scott @ Sloans | Photography by Milos Mlynarik

Think icy blonde with a twist.  A pastel hued ombre at the roots gives a secret hint of colour to send you defiantly into winter- hidden when brushed back into place, yet gloriously statement making when styled. For the true colour coconnoisseur, this look is classic Sloans and perfect for a daring pixie cut.