2018 Sloans Hair Accessory Awards | Best Hair Dresser Sydney
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Forget bags and shoes – hair accessories are in! All that beachy, laid back hair we have been seeing so much of is on the way out as 80’s and 90’s influences continue to creep their way back in by way of hair embellishment. Where recently all you would have spotted was a chic colour matched elastic, now it’s a cornucopia of choice. Here, the award-winning hairdressers from Sloans Lane Cove and Sloans North Sydney rundown the accessories making waves:

AWARD: Most Improved

Scrunchie: THE definitive hair accessory of the 80’s, the scrunchie was seen on everyone from primary schoolgirls through to pop icons. Subtlety was not the name of the game, it was all about fluro and day glo with plenty of patterns. While neon might be having a make-up moment, your modern day scrunchie is more luxurious Japanese silk than polyester, with brands creating stunning options in blush and neutral shades. Simply add to a high pony for a flirty finish or use to emphasise a low chignon for an unexpected twist.

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AWARD: Most Practical

Scarf: Our favourites are colourful, colourful, colourful and can be used multiple ways. Tied elegantly around a ponytail or bun will always be a chic option. But we have also loved them knotted at the crown as headbands – a la Chrissy Teigan’s recent trip to Bali where her hubby John Legend crooned his ‘Headband of the Day’ jingle to put them back on the map. Perfect for lazy days sunning yourself by the pool or to liven up a basic jeans, tee and sneakers outfit when you don’t feel like dealing with your hair.

AWARD: Most Versatile

Ribbon: Sometimes the most impact comes from the simplest of things and there is nothing more classic than the ribbon. Whether it’s a fine length wrapped around a braid or a thick velvet number tied in an oversized bow, there is nothing more feminine. From runway to realway, this is something everyone should try.

AWARD: Most Attention Getting

Jewelry: The most statement making of the bunch, jewelry is sure to attract attention. A little dressier than the others, we love how the runways recently have been drenched in hair embellishments and then seeing this translated to the street. Intricate flowers, vintage metalwork, sparkling jewels – just so much choice!

AWARD: The Underdog

Claw Clip: So we saved the, uh, ‘best’ til last. Who would have thought that the humble butterfly hair claws would be making a comeback?? While we won’t be jumping back on this trend just yet, get set to see an ironic use of this plastic faithful across runways and edgy editorials as it makes it’s comeback.

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