Spring Clean Your Colour

The race to the finish line of winter is finally over. Spring is here and with it the promise of long lazy days, trips to the beach and glasses of rose wine with friends – it’s probably our favourite season due to the all of the wonderful things which are just around the corner!

With the arrival of spring it’s time to dust off your winter look and break out those summer vibes. Once those gorgeous new season clothes appear we are all hitting the shops like there’s no tomorrow, ditching our winter darks for some paler prettiness and North Sydney’s Sloans Hair & Beauty salon owner Jordan Hone thinks you should treat your hair in the same way you treat your body.

“So many people find a look and just stick with it, whether that be a style or colour but really there are so many tweaks you can make, especially to your colour which will really get you feeling the new season and totally refreshing your look.”

Our new favourite hair colour muse is US model Karlie Kloss who is the living embodiment of how changing your colour can completely alter your look. Remember Linda Evangelista in the 90’s who was bleach blonde one day and firetruck red the next? Dramatic, but hardly subltle right!

Karlie Kloss totally out guns her in the colour stakes because each of her looks is perfectly pitched with her skin tone (sometimes pale and natural, sometimes bronzer heavy) and her make up so that subtle changes and tweaks here and there can take her successfully through the whole colour spectrum.

Jordan adds “Clearly Karlie has some advantages – she’s not one of the most famous models in the world for nothing – but I think she’s an amazing example of how daring to make some subtle changes here and there with both your hair colour and your hair cut can really work for you.”

He adds “Don’t forget, your skin does change its tone throughout the year especially if you like to tan, so now’s the time to pop in for a consultation at our North Sydney or Lane Cove salon and chat about how subtle colour changes could work for you!”

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