Les Trois Premiers: PFW Fall 18

The team at Sloans hair salons in North Sydney and Lane Cove scoured the Parisian catwalks to bring you the top 3 trends that you will want to experiment with back home and here are our picks…

Sparkling Accessories at Chanel

We love that Sam McKnight has reignited a passion for accessories and fun hair embellishments. For this look, he worked with a deceptively simple looking updo that is actually is a lesson in masterful structure. This perfectly tousled look is carefully constructed with multiple top knots to ensure it doesn’t look too finished or refined. This relaxed glamour is the perfect contrast to the iconic double C’s and crystal flowers that decorated the models. While we might not all have access to those pieces, it’s time to scour the jewellery box or the closest vintage shop for delicate brooches and embellished pendants to create your own take on this look. Work with blown out hair with plenty of added texture thanks to a sea salt spray, dry shampoo or mousse and carefully twist hair up onto the crown. Tease out a little volume, leaves ends bare and pin in place and finish with your accessory.

pfw1 copyimage cred: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf-ya8-gb5T/?hl=en


Disco Volume at Sonia Rykel

The 70’s were back in a big way with this head turning look at Sonia Rykel thanks to the magic of Paul Hanlon. Definitely not a look for the faint hearted, this look was easily one of the biggest statements of the week. Time to rekindle your old love affair with the crimper if you want to really perfect this look, crimping all over blow dried hair and then brushing out. You want to prep hair well before trying this look so invest in a nourishing treatment for before and after- your ends should look polished and healthy not fried! You can also try creating a deep side part to help soften the look. No crimper? Simply curl the hair and then brush out for similar volume but with a more natural finish.

pfw2 copyimage cred: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf4Dl-gF3OF/?hl=en


Sleek Braids at Alexander McQueen

A fun respite from the more natural looks seen backstage, this look was the most dramatic and glamourous and is well overdue for a comeback. The key here for the look created by Guido Palau is sleek lines and zero frizz. The plaits here were hip grazing but this look can work with almost any length hair, although the longer the better. To recreate, work with freshly washed hair and a good quality fine bristle brush to make sure every little hair is pulled securely in place, then tightly braid, pulling downwards as you work. Finish with a generous spray of a shine hairspray and again brush gently over the crown to hold in place.pfw3 copyimage cred: https://www.instagram.com/p/BgEZV0UAMSY/?hl=en

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