Bygone Beauty

A Fashion Retrospective.

This collection is a true fashion retrospective. Effortless and elegant, this is a classic composition of six contemporary females, with tangible cues to iconic figures of bygone days.

From the raw beauty of Bardot to the siren glamour of Jerry Hall, alongside elfin references akin to a young Mia Farrow, each model works celebrated stylistic elements into a fashion forward image.

Styling is kept minimal with clean and simple black tailored lines, ensuring the primary focus in frame is the profiling of prudently selected hair styles and finishes.

The beautiful simplicity of this collection is commercially viable and free from contrive, a characteristic typical of the modest glamour delivered by Scott Sloan within his suburban chic inner city style salon.

Collection Credits:
Hair: Scott Sloan
Photography: Nelson Lai
Make-up: Becca Gilmartin
Styling: Isobel Allan / Sass and Bide