There’s no better way to fill your hairdresser’s heart with joy than uttering the words ” I’m thinking of a drastic change” when you sit down in the chair! As much as we love cutting any hair, there’s nothing that thrills us more than being able to do something radical! So we are calling it: this is the season for a killer cut!

A big change, though ridden with anxiety can transform the way you dress, how you do your make-up, how you feel, how you think. It can even transform your career – well it can if you happen to be a model! Take one Peyton Knight, a very pretty girl with very ‘meh’ hair, hand her over to one Guido Palau (LEGEND of the backstage fashion world) and faster than you can say ‘Gucci campaign’ you have hair history!

This is a pretty extreme example but you catch our drift right? If you are thinking of a “wow” cut – then look no further. Sloans Style Seekers have scoured the catwalks to find a few great examples of happening hair.

“Is it a mullet? Is it a shag? Who cares because Edie Campbell’s chop is so cool and wearable, anyone could carry this off!,” says Idy Duong from Sloans of Lane Cove hair salon.

“There’s nothing I don’t love about this hair” says Simone Menenti of Sloan’s North Sydney Hair & Beauty Salon “It’s got cool-hair-don’t-care written all over it and what could be sexier than that?”

“OK so this is a grow-out not a chop, but for many of you this will be Drastic with a capital D!” says Jordan Hone, Director of our North Sydney salon. “Michelle Williams has grown out her pixie cut and in its place she has debuted a new cool girl bob. Just past the chin, baby-blonde with a wispy fringe, she looks a little bit 60’s, a little bit French and a whole lot of stylish.”

So go on…. make our day!!!



Sloans Style Seekers x



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