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Sloans Colourful Times Insta_1

Lots of our Sloans of Lane Cove and Sloans of North Sydney hair salon clients want to go blonder over summer, this will never change and nor should it! Blonde

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Express Colour Insta Sponsored-1_1

Hair happiness in an hour and a half? ‘Impossible!’ We hear you say, ‘I need cut colour and styling all in one go and it takes way longer than 90 minutes…  I

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EXPRESS COLOUR, CUT & STYLE – Sloans of North Sydney

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  TIME IS PRECIOUS. FABULOUS HAIR IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Whilst managing your time might seem like an easy concept, who honestly has enough hours in the day to get everything done on

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You may have noticed some more-than-usually smiling faces in Sloans of Lane Cove and Sloans Hair & Beauty North Sydney this week following the announcement of not one, not two

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Backstage Beauty SS17

Sloans of Lane Cove Hair Salon and Sloans Hair & Beauty Salon in North Sydney we are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to hair trends.

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Spring Clean Your Colour

The race to the finish line of winter is finally over. Spring is here and with it the promise of long lazy days, trips to the beach and glasses of

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Age-Proof Your Hair

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We are sure that (almost) everyone reading this has a rigorous skin care regime in place: cleansing, moisturizing, day cream, night cream, hyaluronic acid, retinol, peels, injectables, fillers? Some of

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She Bangs, She Bangs!!

Ahh the fringe, or ‘bangs’ as our American cousins like to name it: such a classic hairstyle and one that comes in so many shapes and styles that there is

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There’s no better way to fill your hairdresser’s heart with joy than uttering the words ” I’m thinking of a drastic change” when you sit down in the chair! As

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Pyjama Party Kicks Off ‘Salon Select Smiles For Starlight’ at Sloans!

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The month of May marks the return of ‘Salon Select Smiles for Starlight’ at Sloans! After playing such an integral role in the phenomenal success of 2015’s fundraising efforts (raising

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