Age-Proof Your Hair

We are sure that (almost) everyone reading this has a rigorous skin care regime in place: cleansing, moisturizing, day cream, night cream, hyaluronic acid, retinol, peels, injectables, fillers? Some of the above/all of the above sound familiar? Our knowledge of how to age proof our skin has increased massively over recent years….but how about anti-aging for our hair?

The Sloans Team are here to tell you that YOU CAN have youthful-looking hair full of body and shine at any age! All you need is a little time and some kick-ass products!

Hang on a minute though: hair is dead, we hear you cry. How can you de-age dead matter? Well, the big beauty brands have invested time and money into exactly that. They’ve been working on conditioners to restore elasticity and breakage and moisturising masques to compensate for the natural age-related reduction in the scalp’s oil production. Anyone who has ever tried Kérastase knows that the money they spend on research and development is well spent!

And just as it was discovered that skin ageing wasn’t merely about wrinkles, it was about the clarity of your skin and how it becomes thinner over time, so now we know that older looking hair isn’t just about going grey: it’s about dullness, thinness and coarseness too.

So where to start?

  1. Supplement your conditioner

“Supercharging your haircare once or twice a week with a ‘miracle’ mask can transform tired hair into a glossy mane”, says Lane Cove hairdresser, Idy. “We love Kérastase creamy Masque Thérapiste and Miracle Hair Treatment from Eleven Australia, which both deliver moisture and softness.”

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  1. Colour cleverly

“Colour is actually a key ally in the anti-aging battle”, says North Sydney hairdresser, Simone. “Splashes of colour give the illusion of thickness and what’s more, the chemicals add volume to the cuticle, giving the hair more guts.”

  1. Comb in some volume

If your hair is on the fine side, then ‘I Want Body Volume Powder’ by Eleven Australia could be just the thing for you.

Give your ponytail some oomph by shaking the powder onto roots and dispersing with your fingers, then push some height into your hair with a tail comb and build a ponytail on top – the extra volume is instantly flattering.

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  1. Grab yourself a game-changing product

“The Densifique range from Kérastase makes big promises but really delivers” says Jordan, Director of the Sloans of North Sydney hair salon. With both in-salon treatments to kick-start the regime and take home products for your bathroom, Densifique addresses hair density and fullness, both huge causes of hair aging.

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  1. Break bad habits

Scott adds “Simply tweaking bad hair habits can improve the health of your hair which is an immediate anti-ager. Hair is most prone to breakage when it’s wet, so instead of brushing it after your shower, use a wide toothed comb and brush it IN the shower when it’s coated in conditioner”

There you have it! Sloans top age-proofing tips for your hair!

Give them a try and remember if you have any questions on how to improve the age of your hair, don’t hesitate to ask one of Sloans Lane Cove hairdressers or North Sydney stylists at your next appointment!

The Sloans Team x

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